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List of Art Supplies

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A list of supplies  needed for our art classes. 

  • Below is a list of products suggested in our art lessons followed by the catalog number from Miller Pads and Paper and other suppliers.
  • Use the list and the links to see what the products look like if you are unfamiliar with them.
  • We think you will appreciate the prices and quality of art supplies at Miller's.

Fine tipped black magic marker:
Washable colored markers:
  • Prang Washable Markers--#80680
Glossy Finish Paper for Use With Washable Markers
  • Finger Paint Paper (11x16)--#:0530MP
Oil pastels:
  • Niji Oil Pastels 24 Colors--#3330
Colored pencils:
  • Prismacolor 24 Scholar Colored Pencils--#1152
  • Prang 24 Color Pencils--#22240
Pencil sharpener for colored pencils:
  • Staedtler Double Hole Sharpener--#57
Watercolor pencils:
  • Lyra Osiris 24 Watercolor Pencils--#2531240
Drawing pencils:
  • Prang Sketching Pencil Set--#2259
Graphite Stick:
  • General's Jumbo Graphite Sticks--#3074

Kneaded Eraser
  • Kneaded Eraser--#1150
Chalk pastels:
  • Koss 12-pack Soft Pastels--#3294
  • Koss 24-pack Soft Pastels--#3295 (the better choice, if you can afford it)
Drawing paper:
  • 80# 12x18 Drawing Paper ½ Ream--#4725
Watercolor paper:
  • 140# Strathmore Watercolor Pad (11x15)--#4560
Acrylic paint:
  • Sargent Art Acrylic Paints--#0476MP (these are artist colors that mix better than acrylic paints you may buy at a craft store)
Paint palette:
  • Paint Palette--#3539
Watercolor brush:
  • Round Camel Hair Brush #4--0499MP
  • Natural Camel Hair Flat Brushes--1/2" or 3/4"--#0510MP
  • Jackson Paint 12 Watercolor Tablets--#:3457
  • Blending Stump Size 2--#:3015
Paint pens:
Masking Tape
  • Miller Pads and Paper does not carry masking tape. You can find it in craft, paper, or hardware stores.
Paint Board
  • Miller Pads and Paper does not carry painting boards. It is best to make your own.  Cut a piece of 3/16" masonite or 1/4" MDF whiteboard to 16" x 19".