2017: Carol Emmert - "Art Achieve's Level IV Lessons offer advanced techniques for older art students. They stretch the basic skills often taught at lower levels, as well as adding in more difficult skills and art mediums. These lessons help the student gain confidence to create art on their own, without the need for an additional art teacher outside of the program. The uniqueness of having the lessons available as either a video or a powerpoint presentation allow high schooler students to work at their own pace, with their preferred style of learning. At the end of each lesson the student can easily adapt the skills mastered to create artwork of their own design or imagination. Art Achieve encourages learning new art skills, as well as offering cross-curricular connections that allow the student to learn about the culture that inspired a particular art lesson. The convenience of purchasing either one lesson or the entire level opens up quality art instruction to a wider range of economic situations. No longer should budget cuts affect art instruction in schools, or a tight family budget prevent parents or homeschoolers from offering their children art lessons."

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