About Our Mission







ArtAchieve believes that anyone can learn to draw, and that learning to draw is an essential skill.

Drawing is not a skill reserved for special people who have “talent.”  Drawing is a skill, just like reading or math is a skill.  Each lesson level builds on the skills developed in the previous level.

Our goal is to provide you and your students with art lessons that insure success (e.g, the cat you draw will LOOK like a cat), while leaving plenty of room for creative interpretation (the cat you draw will be YOUR OWN unique cat). 

We know art is an essential part of the curriculum.  A student who has learned to draw has also learned to make clear observations.  Students who learn to think creatively in an art lesson will be more likely to think creatively about other problems they need to solve.

The images for these art lessons for kids come from around the world and therefore are a visual tie to geography, history, literature, and other topics.  We hope you explore those connections.