About Our Site

Welcome to ArtAchieve art lessons, your resource for teaching art and making cross-curricular connections between art and other areas of the curriculum.

Music is important to these lessons.  Be sure to play quiet, calming music while people work.  It helps students work in silence and promotes the visual thinking that drawing requires.  Artur Atsma, a musician living in Atlanta, has written some excellent music for the lessons.   Be sure to visit the site.

If you have never taught art lessons before, go to the FAQ’s and the subpage, “Tips for Teachers” for information to help you get started.  Teaching art lesson requires a different approach to teaching than subjects like math.

In the Supplies tab, we have included a complete supplies list of materials that are mentioned in the lessons.  Beside each item we list a website, so that (a) you can check to see a picture of the product we suggest, and (b) you can order it if your local supplier doesn’t have it.