About the Art Lessons


We have written these lessons so that ANYONE—people with or without a background in art—can teach a high quality, successful art lesson. All you need to do is to show the lesson slide by slide, or as a video, as your class follows the instructions.

In fact, the lessons are so complete that an individual student could follow the lesson without close adult supervision.
Try our FREE Level I art lesson, The Czech Cat, and see for yourself! 




Here's what you can expect in most art lessons:

  • At the beginning of each lesson, you will see the original object used for the lesson. Following that are a list of supplies needed for the lesson and a set of “rules” for art classes. 
  • The rules are written especially for the students who want there art to look “right” and who feel the need to start over after each “mistake” they make.
  • Before drawing the subject of the lesson, students will practice drawing parts of the lesson in a warm-up exercise. (MAKE SURE YOU PRINT OUT THE WARM-UPS!) The warm-up, like many of the drawings themselves, should be done with a fine tipped black magic maker. The use of a marker prevents the tendency of beginners to draw, erase, and draw again.  It helps them, instead, to commit to the lines they draw, and it helps them to develop confidence as they make careful observations. 
  • Next students follow a guided drawing to draw the object. 
  • Then they finish the image in their own style.