Post Your Work on the Student Gallery


Show off your finished art!
Enjoy the work of others! 



Putting your work on the student gallery is easy.


Simply follow these steps:
  • Scan or photograph your picture as a pdf.
  • Send an email message to In the message include the following information:
  • The name of the lesson that you completed to create the picture
  • Identification we can use below your picture when we post the picture.  We suggest you use:
    • Your first name, or
    • "Anonymous"
  • Your age.  We suggest you write:
    • Your age (e.g. Age 10) if you are in grades K-12,
    • "Student" (if you are in grades K-12 and prefer not to tell your age), or
    • Adult (if you are past high school age).
  • Attach the picture to the message, and send it so we can post it on the gallery for you!