Art Classes: Level V

LEVEL V - ART LESSON 9: The Lion Print from China

The lesson is suitable for students in grade 7 through adult.


Art Lesson Description:

Dan Polzin, a friend of ours who is living and working (and traveling a lot!) in China, has been sending us pictures of his travels, and this lion image seemed like a perfect subject for a challenging print project. It also provides us with some interesting insight into the history and culture of China.

We use the original Chinese art work as inspiration for making a print. We wanted to make sure that the project used inexpensive, easily-available materials, so our printing block is made of sections of foam cut from foam plates or carry-out boxes that we glue to a piece of cardboard. It takes several pieces of foam to make the printing plate, but the resulting surface makes an excellent printing plate!

Try printing on several types and colors of paper, and see what a difference the paper can make on the print.

This lesson includes both POWERPOINT and VIDEO versions of the lesson plus 2 downloadable printouts: a warmup and a drawing of the lion.


List of Supplies for Each Student:

  • A printout of the warmup (this is included with the lesson)
  • Brayer (#ad) (can be shared by a few students)
  • Drawing paper, construction paper, or other paper to print on
  • Several foam plates (#ad) foam deli trays, or foam carryout boxes with at least one smooth surface to make the printing block 
  • Water-based printing ink (#ad)  (black)
  • An inking plate (a flat sheet of plexiglass or a cookie sheet, or other flat, impervious surface)
  • Glue stick (#ad)
  • A very flat sheet of cardboard from the back of your tablet
  • A sharp pencil


Suggestions for Cross-Curricular Connections:

History: Learn about the history of ancient China

Books about ancient China: 

Chinese food:

Chinese culture:



Approximate Time Needed to Complete the Art Class:

  • Assembling the printing plate: 20 minutes
  • Drawing the lion and it’s background: 30 minutes
  • Etching the drawing into the plate: 45 minutes
  • Printing the pictures: 20 minutes
  • Total time: about 2 hours

Original lion
Original lion
How to draw
How to draw
A finished print
A finished print

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