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Animals and Insects

The Czech Cat, The Hungarian Insects,  The Haitian Gecko, The Dragonfly From Ecuador, The Owl From Bali, The Sheep From Wales, The Swedish Dala Horse, The South Korean Wedding Duck, The Japanese Goldfish, The Elephant from Ghana, The Ukrainian Cat, The Sri Lankan Landscape with an Elephant, The Ukrainian Rooster, Hiding Butterflies, The Weaving from Thailand (Fish), The Hawaiian Frog, The African Crowned Crane, The Chinese Horse's Head, The Nine-banded Armadillo, The Canada Goose, The Chinese Horse, The Albatross and the Galleon Ship, The Lion Collage from Kenya, The Lion Print from China.


Art and Artists

Tessellations: Repeating a Pattern to Create Original Art, Kandinsky and Color Mixing, Draw Like an Ancient Egyptian, Drawing People With Degas, The Still Life With Tints and Shades, The Carpathian Church (Van Gogh), Grandma Moses and the Queen Anne House, The Lion Collage From Kenya (Eric Carle), The Ancient Greek Trireme (Art Deco), The California Almond Orchard (Pointillism)













North America



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